About Us

Everywhere you look, good health is a common concern – from the desire to eat better and adopt healthier lifestyle habits, to more serious health concerns such as Cancer, Diabetes, Cardiovascular disease, Joint Pain – the list goes on.  And while medicine may allow us to deal with these issues, it is widely accepted that prevention is the preferred method of ensuring good health.

The simplest and most direct way to create a positive effect on one’s health is through good nutrition.  By strengthening the body we combat illness and help the body heal.  Indian Super Grains - millets  – simply called Siru Dhaniyangal, is an effective way to incorporate healthy food into one’s diet.  Until now, most people have not had access to Indian Super Grains for a variety of reasons – availability and high prices among them.  And when available, selection has often been limited.

We saw this as an opportunity – beginning with our own families and expanding to friends in early 2015.  Our goal was to obtain these incredibly healthy foods, while ensuring high quality, for a reasonable price.  As our journey expanded beyond our own families , it quickly continued to grow  with demand steadily growing every day by those who care about their health and the health of their families through these Indian Super Grains.

All of our produces are sourced directly from the farms that produce the grains and millets, allowing us to monitor quality.  All are organic and 100% natural..

From our families to yours, we hope you enjoy these truly healthy organic Indian Grains and Millets.  We wish you good health!